Welcome To Scawfell Genetics!

Welcome to Scawfell Genetics. Recently partnered with a number of the most prestigious cattle breeders in the UK to expand the business and promote the UK cattle genetics industry, whilst providing cattle breeders with a complete solution for cattle genetics.

We are one of only 2 fully licensed independent Bull studs with a Semen Store and newly opened semen processing lab, in the UK. Our aim is simple, to provide the best advice, service and facilities to the industry to allow our breeders and farmers to maximise the benefits to their businesses.

We have invested in state of the art automated equipment across the business to allow us to keep our prices low whilst providing complete real time visibility to our customers every step of the way.

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Semen Storage & Distribution

Distribution network that can transfer semen to all parts of the UK Mainland within 48hrs of purchase.

Fully licensed Semen Storage for both domestic and export qualified semen

On-Farm Collections, Semen Processing, Semen Store and Distribution & Semen Sales Now Available!
Semen Store - semen storage

On Farm Collection

or to sell semen in UK mainland

A cost-effective solution for farmers to insure their bulls genetics

On-Farm Collections, Semen Processing, Semen Store and Distribution & Semen Sales Now Available!

Semen Processing

Technologically Advanced

Bovine Genetics Processing Lab

On-Farm Collections, Semen Processing, Semen Store and Distribution Now Available!

Semen Sales

For all breeds of cattle

Scawfell Genetics is launching ibreeder a semen sales platform

On-Farm Collections, Semen Processing, Semen Storage and Distribution and Semen Sales Now Available!
ibreeder bull semen sales
ibreeder where genetics click

Water Management

Scawfell Genetics partner Agrismart provides agricultural water management offering an alternative to mains water. Our aim is to support farmers achieve self sufficiency, cut their water bill by at least 75% with an ROI of under 3 years!

Our water management solution incorporates solar powered water pumps, off grid pumps, rainwater harvesting, water storage, water tanks and water treatment.


Scawfell Genetics provides extensive information on cattle breeding including genetics, herd health, genomics, dairy herd and beef herd.