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Scawfell Genetics is a fully independent EU Licenced business with sites in Cumbria and Grantham. We are the experts in collecting semen from the very best of British dairy and beef genetics, both on stud and on farm.

Established in 2012, the Company’s mission is to provide the best advice, service and facilities to the industry to allow our breeders and farmers to maximise the benefits to their businesses whilst promoting UK cattle genetics throughout our extensive network of overseas partners.

We have invested in state of the art facilities in the bull stud to provide the best environment possible for our bulls whilst maintaining the highest standards of bio-security. We have also invested in our on-farm collection facilities, allowing us to analyse the semen on farm to show motility in real time.

Our semen store is the only one in the UK that incorporates complete visual inventory management system that allows customers to see in real time 24hrs a day what stock they have in the tanks.

Semen has been processed from over 200 bulls representing over 30 different cattle breeds. We have partners in over 25 countries that allow us to promote and act on behalf of our customers throughout the world.

At Scawfell Genetics we work closely with numerous businesses within the livestock sector and are involved in a number of national projects aimed at simplifying the supply chain and reducing red tape for our farmers.

Being active farmers ourselves and combining our experience with some of the most forward thinking technology companies in the industry we are well placed to provide sound and unbiased advice to the livestock sector.

About Us

Our Story

Life before Scawfell
Pete started registering Holsteins in 1979. He built the herd up to 120 and was averaging 10,500kg of milk. He won various national and local shows unfortunately Pete lost the herd in 2001 to foot and mouth. He restocked in 2002 and carried on breeding pedigree Holsteins until he decided to take a different path and set up Scawfell Genetics.

Company founded in 2012

Pete set up Scawfell Genetics in 2012 after his long career as a dairy farmer.

Eu licensed bull stud

In 2014 Scawfell Genetics bull stud gained its EU Licensed status allowing us to collect semen that can be exported worldwide. We are one of only two independent bull studs in the country

Store Opening

Scawfell Genetics is branching out!! We are opening a domestic semen store as well as setting up a countrywide nitrogen top up service.

Current Expansion

We now have an EU licensed Semen store as well as a domestic semen store. We are also going to be expanding our bull studs capacity and have now opened a state of the art semen processing lab.


Pete Sherwen

Pete Sherwen

Stud & Farm Queries 07798 891611

Pete Sherwen set up Scawfell Genetics in 2012, one of only two independently owned bull studs in the UK. Scawfell Genetics achieved EU Licensed status allowing collection, storage, and processing of cattle genetics to be sold worldwide.

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John Black

John Black

Accounts Manager

John is an agricultural management consultant and founder of Agrismart Ltd. John also manages the National Livestock Database project aimed at eradication of livestock thefts & movement records.

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James Hazard

James Hazard

Managing Director

James has always had an interest in all technical aspects of livestock breeding and genetics. After gaining a distinction for National Diploma in Agriculture, he worked in France gaining numerous industry contacts.

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Duncan Hazard - Export Sales

Duncan Hazard

Export 07712 134628

Duncan is a partner in a mixed farming enterprise breeding pedigree Limousin beef cattle for over 30 years. Duncan has been the business’s main AI technical expert.

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AI Services


Quarantine - Isolation

Bulls arriving on our bull stud go into an isolation pen while they have all their tests, usually for around a month, however, it can take longer occasionally. If they pass the tests they can be moved into the main bull stud.



Semen Collection

Once on the main bull stud semen collection can begin. Semen is collected using natural collection with a teaser as it offers a higher quality sample with a higher fertility rate than electro ejaculation.

Semen Collection


Semen Store - semen storage

Scawfell Genetics is proud to announce the opening of it’s new semen store facility on our bull stud in Cumbria. This is a huge opportunity in the development of the scope of our capabilities within the genetics industry.

Semen Store



At Scawfell Genetics we keep to extremely strict Bio- Security rules ensuring that there is no chance of cross contamination. We follow all the required regulations and take further precautions to make our facility as secure as possible.


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Dairy Sires

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Semen Processing

Technologically Advanced

Bovine Genetics Processing Lab

On-Farm Collection, Semen Processing, Semen Store and Distribution Now Available!

AI Products


Scawfell Genetics provides extensive information on cattle breeding including genetics, herd health, genomics, dairy herd and beef herd.