Beef Genetics Online Portal Launch

Scawfell Genetics Ltd are pleased to announce their new collaboration with SellMyLivestock’s new project SellmyLivestock – Genetics, which is about to launch their new online beef genetics portal.

The online sales platform will complement SellMyLivestock’s existing online livestock sales portal used by over 50,000 farmers, which allows farmers to trade in livestock without going to cattle marts with fluctuating market prices.

SellMyLivestock – Genetics offers choice and transparency from the whole Genetics marketplace for the UK. With semen from leading genetics companies sat side by side to allow farmers to see the whole dairy and beef genetics market in one place.

Farmers now have the control to market their own produce from their own bulls on their terms. By adding listings to the site and use the search functionality to filter listings this provides a simple and user friendly platform that allows breeders and farmers to market dairy and beef genetics directly to a huge marketplace of customers nationally and internationally with no hidden costs or fees.


Site users will have filterable fields including;

  • Type (dairy or beef genetics)
  • Bull name
  • Genetics supplier
  • Profitable lifetime index (PLI)
  • Genetic Index scores such as calving ease, milk production, fat percentage, lifespan and fertility

Having multiple genetics companies side by side offers farmers the opportunity to make comparisons on options from different companies. This choice and market transparency hasn’t been available until now and is a game changer for cattle breeders.

Scawfell Genetics Ltd are looking forward to being a part of SellMyLivestock – Genetics from the outset and from our custom built state of the art facility in Cumbria will be providing semen collection including on-farm collection, semen processing, semen storage and distribution for the genetics companies and breeders using the online dairy and beef genetics platform.

James Hazard, Managing Director at Scawfell Genetics Ltd said,

“The process of purchasing or selling genetics has long been a frustrating one for all parties. This is mainly due to the lack of flexibility when it comes to deciding who to buy from or sell to, and more importantly, the ability to browse and conduct the business at a time that suits you.

SellMyLivestock’s unique new tool allows farmers to do this in their own free time, while also offering a wider scope of choice, competitive pricing and an additional layer of security and trust through using SML’s FarmPay product alongside the platform. As many will know having started working with us, our low cost delivery, storage and processing costs are the perfect fit for this exciting development for our breeders.  

We have the fastest delivery solution In the industry that we know of, delivering straws usually within 24hrs, this is imperative for any online model to be successful, we wouldn’t accept buying something from Amazon and then having to wait a week for it to arrive so why would we accept it with genetics! Working with distributors like Gene Source UK for example, we’re able to link-up the supply chain better, boosting efficiency in the way we operate, we can’t wait to get started.”

The launch is inline with Beef Expo 2019!