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Biosecurity – At Scawfell Genetics we keep to extremely strict Biosecurity rules ensuring that there is no chance of cross contamination of cattle genetics. We follow all the required regulations, however we also try and take further precautions to make our facility as secure as possible.

Biosecurity – Bull Welfare

Our strict biosecurity practices are essential for the welfare of the bulls in our care on the bull stud. Scawfell Genetics has simple measures built into our everyday schedule to ensure the highest level of biosecurity is adhered to.

All vehicles, people and farm inputs arriving on the farm have to abide by our strict biosecurity guidelines as all visitors and vehicles entering the farm pose a threat if not managed correctly. We limit access points to the bull stud so no access is possible without following our biosecurity protocols. There must be no farm access without prior approval.

Good on-farm hygiene is also essential to protect our animals health and prevent disease. All our staff are trained to the highest level in all biosecurity legislation and we work closely with our vet to retain these high standards.

We care deeply about the livestock that we keep on site and do everything possible to make the bulls feel as comfortable as possible.

The bulls are kept in excellent spacious living conditions which are custom built to suit their needs. This allows us to keep the bulls in a safe and secure environment.

When bringing new livestock onto our bull stud they are placed into quarantine for around a month. The quarantined animal is housed in a clean environment and fed away from any other animals, and its waste is kept separate from that of your other bulls too.

The quarantine period is usually for a minimum of four weeks. However, if we are monitoring for a specific disease this can be longer. We work closely with our veterinary surgeon to ensure there is no opportunity for cross contamination and biosecurity is secure.

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Quarantine - Isolation

Bulls arriving on our bull stud go into an isolation pen while they have all their tests, usually for around a month, however, it can take longer occasionally. If they pass the tests they can be moved into the main bull stud.



Semen Collection

Once on the main bull stud semen collection can begin. Semen is collected using natural collection with a teaser as it offers a higher quality sample with a higher fertility rate than electro ejaculation.

Semen Collection


Semen Store - semen storage

Scawfell Genetics is proud to announce the opening of it’s new semen store facility on our bull stud in Cumbria. This is a huge opportunity in the development of the scope of our capabilities within the genetics industry.

Semen Store

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On-Farm Collection, Semen Processing, Semen Store and Distribution Now Available!

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