Bovine Semen Processing, On-Farm Collection, Storage & Distribution

Scawfell Genetics is pleased to announce the opening of their state of the art semen processing lab, which complements their long-standing bull stud and recently opened semen storage and distribution facilities.

Both the bovine semen store and semen processing lab hold both domestic and export licenses and boast the most modern, technologically advanced and efficient laboratory equipment currently available.

Bovine Semen Processing Lab

Scawfell Genetics has invested in the most up to date straw filling machine available from IMV Technologies, which guarantees perfect packaging every time, unique traceability and eliminates waste. The most advanced lab equipment for speed, efficiency and lower cost of production.

The semen processing lab also has the capability of doing a full semen analysis from the click of a button ensuring optimum results, less human error and waste than traditional methods.

On-Farm Semen Collection

On-farm semen collection is a cost-effective solution for dairy cattle and beef cattle wanting semen from their bull. This can be done for a number of reasons but mainly either for insurance purposes or if the farmer is looking to sell semen in UK mainland.

By using on-farm semen collection from your bull you are ensuring his genetic line continues if something were to happen. It often works out cheaper to collect semen from the bull than it does to insure him.

Scawfell Genetics are now able to offer full-service semen collection, processing, storage and distribution both to domestic and export markets.

On-Farm Collection

Semen Storage and Distribution

We have invested in the most up-to-date semen processing and storage facilities providing complete inventory management, secure storage tanks and security to give our breeders peace of mind that their cattle genetics are in the best hands.

  • Domestic and Export licensed store
  • State of the art liquid nitrogen storage tanks equipped with fail-safe sensor protection
  • Custom-built buildings with 24 hr monitoring
  • 3-point biosecurity system
  • 24 hr online access to stock inventory for breeders
  • No hidden fees or costly extras

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Semen Sales

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On-Farm Collection, Semen Processing, semen Store and Distribution Now Available!

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