If you have made the decision to collect genetics from your bull whether you intend to store them as an insurance against your asset, or sell domestically or for export as a revenue stream. You want to ensure you get the best quality and value from your investment.

How do you get the best results and service for your money?

Wouldn’t you want to use the best technology to guarantee the best results?

Scawfell Genetics lab equipment is designed to avoid waste, human errors and the very same technology trusted for human IVF treatment. Scawfell Genetics have invested in state of the art laboratory equipment for their custom built lab so our breeders get the best results available in the cattle genetics industry to date.

Scawfell Genetics aim is to revolutionise the cattle genetics industry and provide results, efficiency and the best value available on the market to our breeders. We want to be at the forefront of the future of cattle genetics. Yes, that comes at a cost but to us, Scawfell Genetics, not to our customers.

Our customers are offered exceptional service and lower costs no charges for discards or processing sub standard quality semen. Our technology tells us if the quality isn’t adequate so you aren’t paying for us to process inadequate quality produce. We just do a second sample and retest.

Some bulls give a poorer sample first jump then second so we’ll just take a second sample and use the better quality results so no charging our customers to produce discard quality straws.

Already have your straws stored elsewhere?

We offer a free collection and transfer service.

Genetics Sales

Scawfell Genetics has teamed up with SellMyLivestock‘s new project SellMyLivestock-Genetics

who have just launched beef genetics at Beef Expo 2019 to expand their existing dairy genetics.

SellMyLivestock – Genetics offers choice and transparency from the whole Genetics marketplace for the UK. With semen from leading genetics companies and farmers side by side.

Offering farmers the opportunity to sell their genetics to the 50,000 existing users and an increasing number of new genetics platform users.