ibreeder Livestock Trading Platform Launch

We are pleased to announce that Scawfell Genetics Ltd is to launch ibreeder livestock trading platform to provide our valued customers with the ability to market and deliver their genetics to other breeders in both the domestic and international marketplace.

The ibreeder Livestock Trading Platform is being offered FREE to all Scawfell Genetics Ltd customers who store their straws in our semen storage facility. 

Invoicing & administration

Ibreeder Livestock Trading Platform will take care of everything for you to complete your sale, all you have to do is list your bull semen and we will invoice your customers, collect payment and despatch semen to the purchaser.

Payments & commission

ibreeder offers free listing and only charges a 20% commission on sales proceeds, you will receive an automated bank transfer monthly from ibreeder straight to your bank account.

Semen storage & distribution

Scawfell Genetics offers a fully licensed semen storage facility and distribution network that can transfer semen to all parts of the UK Mainland within 48hrs of purchase. 

Export Qualified semen

Export-qualified semen can also be shipped worldwide and we will take care of all the paperwork involved with export shipments. 

Uploading your bull

To add your bulls to the ibreeder Livestock Trading Platform click on the ‘Sell’ tab at the top of the homepage, where you will find and be able to complete/submit the online Sales Listing Form

If you don’t currently store your bull semen at Scawfell Genetics Ltd or would like us to help transfer your stock from your current provider or even collect semen from your bull, please feel free to get in contact with us. Tel – 019467 89211 or info@scawfellgenetics.co.uk

We hope you will agree the combined experience and expertise within the Scawfell and ibreeder teams will allow us to showcase the best of genetics available whilst making it simple for you, the breeders to connect within the industry. 


Providing the ibreeder Livestock Trading Platform completes a full range of services offered by Scawfell Genetics Ltd to any current or new customers. 

Semen Collection – licensed stud facilities for export as well as on farm collections of bulls.

On Farm Collection

Semen Processing – our state of the art fully automated filling, sealing and printing machine

Semen Processing

Semen Storage – very competitive price for storage of semen in either our export or domestic storage facilities.

Semen Distribution – fast, efficient delivery network, from dispatch to delivery within 48hrs. 

Delivery & Semen Storage Costs

With Scawfell Genetics Ltd acting solely as a facilitator, we can offer any of our services to anyone from farmers to differing AI companies and large wholesale clients from around the world looking for tailored packages to source the best of genetics available.

ibreeder website

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