National On-Farm Collection Team

Scawfell Genetics are pleased to announce the launch of their national on farm collection team which enables them to provide a simple, efficient and professional service to all breeders from Orkney to Cornwall.  

Scawfell Genetics provides breeders with a service focusing on 3 main areas

  • Provide insurance for their bull in the case of an accident – by collecting semen from your bull it means you will always have a back up if something happens to your bull
  • Prove fertility of your bull – taking a semen collection will allow you to always have documentation and certification proving the fertility of your bull protecting you if you ever sell it.
  • Revenue – if you have surplus straws, they can be marketed free of charge on a soon to be launched online platform to over 40,000 livestock farmers.


The process is very simple and any of our collection team will be on hand to discuss the process and what is involved with you. Many believe the collection process to be difficult to set up on farm and a costly one, however with our state-of-the-art semen processing facility and highly skilled team of livestock professionals the process is simple, very effective and low cost.

Veterinary practices and individuals interested in or currently undertaking semen collection, please feel free to get in touch to discuss. 

Managing Director James Hazard commented

Having been involved in cattle genetics for many years we have got to know the process inside and out and using this knowledge were able to streamline the process and identify the people we wanted to work with to create our on-farm collection team. It makes perfect sense for any breeder and provides peace of mind after having made a substantial investment in a bull. By splitting the country into regions and having a representative for each region we are able to provide a faster service and reduce costs to our breeders as there is less charges for travel and mileage


Below is our regional map and a list of our collectors