Semen Store - semen storage

Scawfell Genetics Ltd are happy to announce that the long awaited fully licensed semen storage for both domestic and export qualified semen is now open for business at our bespoke British genetics facility in Cumbria.

Managing Director James Hazard commented, “we are so pleased that we have been able to get this project off the ground. All directors as customers have been involved in cattle genetics for many years and it is great that other breeders will for the first time have another option of semen storage for their genetic straws. Our modern, efficient and cost effective semen storage facility will provide customers with a high level of service which is required in the modern era.

Semen Storage

New UK-first bovine semen processing lab opened

A cutting-edge semen processing lab in Cumbria opened on Monday (September 16) will harness the same technology used for human genetics in a first for the industry.

The lab will complement Scawfell Genetics’ long-standing bull stud and recently opened semen storage and distribution facilities.

The new system from IMT International currently uses the same technology used in human fertility treatments.

New Technology

It uses an automated system designed to eliminate product waste during straw filling and also provides stringent traceability with a barcode system.

The idea is that the system eliminates human error in semen handling and therefore avoids a batch being incorrectly labelled.

As a result, Scawfell Genetics will not charge for any semen discarded in the process. The new system also allows semen analysis at the touch of a button.