Aberdeen Angus Characteristics

The breed can be traced back to several polled strains in 19th Century Scotland. They are renowned as easy to manage, early maturing and producing high-quality, well-marbled beef. They also benefit from a high carcass yield.

An adaptable breed, Angus purebred and crossbred animals are suitable for a range of management systems. They are also ideal for dairy breeding as an easy calving beef breed.

Aberdeen Angus Statistics

Angus are very hardy due to their native environment. They are naturally polled and due to calves being smaller than the market norm crossbreeding with dairy cattle is required for veal production. They are renowned for maturing earlier than other British cattle breeds like the Hereford or North Devon.

The Angus breed have a large muscle content and their beef is popular for it’s marbling qualities.

  • Easy calving; popular with dairy farmers for use on maiden heifers
  • Easy to handle with a docile nature
  • Angus beef commands a premium price due to strong consumer demand
  • Ideal for crossbreeding to produce suckler herd replacements
  • Excellent feed conversion and fleshing ability

Breed Society: http://www.aberdeen-angus.co.uk/

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