Hereford Characteristics

A beef cattle breed originating from Herefordshire but now there are more than five million pedigree Herefords in over 50 countries. Famed for its white face, crest, dewlap, and underline the Hereford breed has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent times due to its ability to produce quality beef from grass without the need for concentrates.

Herefords often have short thick horns that typically curve down at the sides of the head, but both Polled and Horned strains are still bred. Modern Hereford cows stand around 140cm at the shoulder and weigh 600-800kg while bulls average around 152cm and 1000-1200kg.

They are known for their longevity with females breeding at 15 years or more. Bulls are still capable of being profitable breeders until 12 years or beyond. They are good foragers with vigour, adaptable, docile, fast growing with high quality beef.

Hereford Statistics

  • Easy calving; popular with dairy farmers for use on maiden heifers
  • Crossbred cattle will have a white face
  • Excellent foraging ability and able to produce quality beef from grass
  • The breed is renowned for its docility
  • Naturally fertile and long-lived

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