Lincoln Red History

The Lincoln Red is a is polled cattle breed established in Lincolnshire during the late 18th century by introducing York and Durham Shorthorns to improve the local population of cattle that had been imported by the Vikings.

The Lincoln Red was initially bred as a dual-purpose breed, being suitable both as a beef cattle breed and a dairy breed. Its beefing ability led the breed in that direction, although females remain good milk producers and feed their calves well.

The Lincoln Red is a feed efficient breed and a good converter of forage, being adaptable to regional grazing and climatic conditions.  It has a strong broad muzzle and well-placed legs; the feet are sturdy and virtually self-maintaining.

Mature females weigh around 600kg and males 950kg.


Breed Statistics

  • Females make easy calving suckler cows
  • Progeny can be finished extensively or intensively
  • Polled and docile; easy to manage
  • Good growth rates
  • Long lived

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