Simmental Characteristics

The Simmental is a heavy dual-purpose breed suitable both as a beef cattle breed and a dairy breed. With its roots in the Simme valley in central Switzerland and it has contributed to a number of other European breeds, including the Fleckvieh and Montbeliarde.

The Simmental was Introduced into the UK in 1970, the breed has established itself as a popular terminal sire for beef producers. The Simmental’s dual purpose roots make the cows docile and milky suckler dams with a good maternal instinct..

The Simmental is described as pied, there is no set coat colour with a range from very dark red through to a pale golden yellow while the head is almost always white, a characteristic that is passed on to crossbred calves.

A mature Simmental can grow to 145 cm and weigh 700-900kg while the bulls are 158-160 cm and average 1300kg.

Breed Benefits:

  • Dual purpose breed
  • Beef breed
  • Dairy breed
  • Bulls make good terminal sires
  • Cows are milky suckler cows
  • Intensively finished animals are capable of 2kg/day daily liveweight gain
  • High carcass weight and fine-grained beef

Breed Society:

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