Profile: Steven O’Kane On-Farm Collection

Steven O’Kane who many of our customers will know from the show circuit has been working with Scawfell Genetics Ltd to provide a much-needed alternative on-farm collection service to our customers across Wales and throughout the rest of the U.K.

Steven and his partner Helen had the opportunity to take on a small farm just outside Adfa in mid-Wales that they have been busy putting their stamp on over the past 18 months. They also manage Keadyview cattle grooming alongside livery services back at the farm, offering a complete package for pedigree show cattle. 

Steven has experience of facilitating the movement of breeding stock to and from Ireland, breeding pedigree cattle on the farm and having an outstanding knowledge of the U.K. and European genetics market. Steven, with his wealth of experience, is an asset to Scawfell Genetics, which has the most progressive genetics lab and cost-effective semen processing in the industry.

Steven commented “Having known 3 of the directors for many years it was great to see them get together and set up Scawfell Genetics Ltd. For too long breeders have had one option for genetics collection and storage. After seeing the impressive lab capabilities, processing equipment and facilities that have been installed at the Scawfell facility in Cumbria I wanted to be involved and collaborate to provide a great service at a better price than breeders have previously had access too. One of the draws was the fact that Scawfell don’t charge breeders for discarded straws, I personally don’t think fellow breeders should be charged for something they can’t use”

Director John Black commented “having known Steven since we were at school and knowing what a great stockman he is, I didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to work together. Steven and Helen are some of the most progressive farmers I’ve had the pleasure of working with, it’s great working with forward-thinking breeders. I have been impressed with their innovative farm management such as the unique water management system they have installed on their new farm to lower costs and how successful they have been in the show ring over the years, they make a great addition to the team”

Anyone that is thinking of collecting off their bull or needs advice on the process should feel free to call the office on 019467 89211 Or Steven directly on 07729 984474 who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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