Pete Sherwen

Pete Sherwen



Date Of Birth: 01.01.1980

Brief info

Originally a dairy farmer based in Cumbria, Pete successfully built the renowned Scawfell Herd on the family farm. Pete is the first and only English man to breed a cow from the UK that got nominated top 3 cattle in Canada.

Pete also won the first ever stock judging held at the Royal Show for the Holstein Society before going on to be invited to judge local, regional and national breed competitions. Pete is a former member of the Holstein UK Breed Council.

Whilst running his dairy herd Pete identified an opportunity to set up an independent milk processing business. The business produced, processed and marketed the farm's milk across the North West region of England through local and regional retailers.

In 2012 to set up Scawfell Genetics, one of only two independently owned bull studs in the UK. Scawfell Genetics achieved EU Licensed status allowing collection, storage, and processing of cattle genetics to be sold worldwide. To date, Scawfell Genetics have collected off over 100 bulls across 28 different breeds.

Pete has recently launched a national liquid nitrogen top up service, topping up genetic tanks on farms across the UK alongside a regional on farm bull collections service.

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