Welcome To Scawfell Genetics!

Welcome to Scawfell Genetics. Recently partnered with a number of the most prestigious breeders in the UK to to expand the business and promote the UK cattle genetics industry, whilst providing breeders with a complete solution for cattle genetics.

We are one of only 2 fully licensed independent Bull studs with a Semen Store and newly opened semen processing lab, in the UK. Our aim is simple, to provide the best advice, service and facilities to the industry to allow our breeders and farmers to maximise the benefits to their businesses.

We have invested in state of the art automated equipment across the business to allow us to keep our prices low whilst providing complete real time visibility to our customers every step of the way.


Our Bull Stud

Scawfell Genetics is the proud owner of an EU licenced bull stud & semen collection facility in Cumbria.

Bull Stud

On-farm Collection

On-farm semen collection is a cost-effective solution for farmers to insure their bulls genetics or to sell semen in UK mainland.

On-farm Collection

AI Consumables

Scawfell Genetics supplies AI Products to ensure your breeding programme has the highest chance of success.

AI Consumables

Semen Processing

Technologically Advanced

Bovine Genetics Processing Lab

On-Farm Collections, Semen Processing, Semen Store and Distribution Now Available!

SexedULTRA 4M Sexed Semen

90% Gender Accuracy in Dairy

High fertility sexed semen

90% Gender Accuracy in Dairy

Semen & Embryo Sales

Bovine Genetic Centre

E-commerce platform for buying and selling semen and embryos from all cattle breeds dairy and beef

Our Sires

Scawfell Genetics Bull Stud

AI Services



At Scawfell Genetics we keep to extremely strict Bio- Security rules ensuring that there is no chance of cross contamination. We follow all the required regulations and take further precautions to make our facility as secure as possible.



Quarantine - Isolation

Bulls arriving on our bull stud go into an isolation pen while they have all their tests, usually for around a month, however, it can take longer occasionally. If they pass the tests they can be moved into the main bull stud.



Semen Collection

Once on the main bull stud semen collection can begin. Semen is collected using natural collection with a teaser as it offers a higher quality sample with a higher fertility rate than electro ejaculation.

Semen Collection


Semen Store - semen storage

Scawfell Genetics is proud to announce the opening of it’s new semen store facility on our bull stud in Cumbria. This is a huge opportunity in the development of the scope of our capabilities within the genetics industry.

Semen Store

Water Management

Scawfell Genetics partner Agrismart provides agricultural water management offering an alternative to mains water. Our aim is to support farmers achieve self sufficiency, cut their water bill by at least 75% with an ROI of under 3 years!

Our water management solution incorporates low energy pumps, off grid pumps, rain water harvesting, water storage, water tanks and water treatment.

Low energy pumps
Rainwater Harvesting
Water Treatment

If you want to analyse if there’s a cheaper solution for you with a decent ROI take our

Farm & Equestrian Water Use Survey

Use the form below to contact Agrismart for a no obligation site survey or to express an interest in the National Livestock Database!

Contact Agrismart!


National Livestock Database

Agrismart and Scawfell Genetics has also partnered in the National Livestock Database project aimed at developing technology leading to the eradication of livestock thefts, need for movement records and DNA profiling of all cattle.

If you would like to sign up for further information use the form to the left and mention the National Livestock Database in the message.


Scawfell Genetics provides extensive information on cattle breeding including genetics, herd health, genomics, dairy herd and beef herd.

TB Advantage
Fertility in dairy and beef herds
Crossbreeding for hybrid vigour
Artificial Insemination
Genetic Terminology
Estimated Breeding Value – What is an EBV?
Easy Calving Index
Genetic Index Guide

Herd Health
Animal Health – Biosecurity and your own herd
Mastitis in dairy cows
BVD – Bovine Viral Diarrhoea
TB – Bovine Tuberculosis
IBR – infectious bovine rhinotracheiti
Mastitis management tool launched
Bluetongue virus found in cattle imported from France

Genomic Evaluation
Breeding dairy using genomics for a better herd
UK Genomic

Dairy Herd
Dairy cow welfare strategy
UK Dairy Industry
Breeding Objectives for the UK
Dairy Farming in Ireland

Beef Herd
Beef cattle Breeding and Artificial Insemination
Suckler herd – Improving the genetics
Genetic traits in cattle worth over £360 per head
DNA Testing Aberdeen Angus
Beef Efficiency Scheme