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On-farm semen collection is a cost-effective solution for dairy cattle and beef cattle wanting semen from their bull. This can be done for a number of reasons but mainly either for insurance purposes or if the farmer is looking to sell semen in UK mainland.

Cattle Genetics – by using on-farm semen collection from your bull you are ensuring his genetic line continues if something were to happen. It often works out cheaper to collect semen from the bull than it does to insure him.

Licence for on-farm semen collection

License application between Scawfell Genetics and APHA is made very simple. Once the farmer has filled out the form that is supplied by and returned to Scawfell Genetics, Scawfell Genetics will handle all remaining paperwork ensuring that your application goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

On-Farm Semen Collection License Procedure


• Farmer contacts Scawfell Genetics Ltd (farmer contact details taken and an email address).

• Scawfell Genetics Ltd email a form for the farmer to fill out.

• The form must be sent back to Scawfell Genetics Ltd for the process to continue.

• All pedigree bulls must also have a copy of their pedigree certificate returned with the form.

• Once received Scawfell Genetics Ltd fill out the application on the farmers behalf and send to APHA.

• APHA normally turn this around in 5 working days and send testing notification to Scawfell Genetics Ltd and the nominated vet.

• (Farmers must have the bull isolated during the testing period and not running with cows.)

• Nominated vet and Scawfell Genetics Ltd receive a form from APHA what to test for.

• TB testing – bull will require a TB test to be completed. This test should be done at the same time as the bloods are taken.

• Blood tests are sent by the farmers vet to Weybridge and the results take anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks.

• Results sent back to the vet and they then fill out the relevant forms and send off to APHA.

• License will be issued; this process normally takes around 2-4 days.

• License emailed to Scawfell Genetics Ltd and then we contact the farmer to arrange a date for collection.

• After a successful collection and the semen is processed and frozen, the semen must be in quarantine for 30 days before it can be distributed if required.

Once the license has been issued there is a 3 month period where the bull can be jumped for on-farm semen collection.

To get the highest quality semen sample with highest fertility, the best practice is from natural collection using teasers as shown below.

Semen CollectionFor the best opportunity to gain a quality semen sample at least 2 teaser animals and if possible 3 or 4 for best results.

The following programme of synchronisation is recommended to ensure the teaser animals are ready when the semen collection is due. This can be arranged with your vet.

Day 1: Inject GnRH, Put in CIDR
Day 6: Inject prostaglandin
Day 7: Remove CIDR
Day 10: Teaser “bulling” on day of collection

Electroejaculation is another technique available to collect semen but for the highest quality sample with highest fertility natural collection has proven to be superior but the technique can be useful in some circumstances.

Scawfell Genetics ensures best practice, safety to the bull and farmers, and highest quality on-farm semen collection from your breeding bull in order to safeguard your best genetics. Scawfell Genetics will process the semen, and after a 30 day Quarantine period, it will then be available to be sent to Storage or for your own liquid nitrogen tank on-farm. This gives you the option of using it on your own herd or to sell your genetics as another income stream.

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At Scawfell Genetics we keep to extremely strict Biosecurity rules ensuring that there is no chance of cross contamination. We follow all the required regulations and take further precautions to make our facility as secure as possible.



Quarantine - Isolation

Bulls arriving on our bull stud go into an isolation pen while they have all their tests, usually for around a month, however, it can take longer occasionally. If they pass the tests they can be moved into the main bull stud.



Semen Collection

Once on the main bull stud semen collection can begin. Semen is collected using natural collection with a teaser as it offers a higher quality sample with a higher fertility rate than electro ejaculation.

Semen Collection


Semen Store - semen storage

Scawfell Genetics is proud to announce the opening of it’s new semen store facility on our bull stud in Cumbria. This is a huge opportunity in the development of the scope of our capabilities within the genetics industry.

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On-Farm Collection, Semen Processing, Semen Store and Distribution Now Available!

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