Limousin Characteristics

The Limousin cattle breed is the leading beef breed in Britain and possibly the most expanding cattle breed in Europe. The Limousin breed first came into Britain in 1971 when the dairy herd was producing sixty percent of the nations beef. It was introduced for its potential as a crossing sire over dairy cows with the added potential in the suckler beef herd.

With major benefits seen in a beef producing breed with easy calving, fantastic KO% and its adaptability to suit any market place producing dairy cross calves, suckled calves, stores and finishing animals.

They are a hardy outdoor breed of cattle and produces fine-grained beef that is early maturing making a profitable beef enterprise. It’s ability to produce significant profit margin dictates its commercial viability.

Limousin Statistics

  • Easy calving
  • Low birth weights
  • High immune system
  • Efficient feed conversion
  • Highly esteemed beef quality
  • Also Favoured as a dairy sire
  • Carcasses have up to 80% meat yields
  • Good marbling of their beef
  • High quality meat with little waste

Limousins are popular for crossbreeding with Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn due to their contribution to hybrid vigour, and improvements to yield and feed conversion efficiency of these British cattle breeds, which produce higher levels of fat and marbled meat.

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