Bull Semen Collection

Bull Semen Collection – Semen collection is an excellent way of insuring your cattle genetics against injury or death. It also gives you the option of either using your cattle genetics on your own herd or selling them to other breeders. Through Scawfell Genetics EU Licensed bull stud we give you the option of exporting bull semen all around the world.

Licensing Process for Bull Semen Collection

Once you decide to put a bull onto stud, you should ask your vet to test the bull for IBR. Your bull must be clear of IBR and have no marker vaccine. Any positive results including vaccinates will mean your bull is ineligible for semen collection on an EU Licensed bull stud.

If your bull is clear of IBR, Scawfell Genetics will send you a form to fill in with all the information to apply for a licence for your bull to be eligible for bull semen collection. Once we receive the completed form we will do all the remaining paperwork ensuring that your application goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Once we receive the paperwork from APHA  we will be in contact with both you and your vet about getting a date for TB and blood testing the bull. From this point on the bull must be kept isolated and completely away from other cattle. Once the test results come back the bull can then be moved into the Quarantine zone at Scawfell Genetics.

This process must be completed within 28 days of the initial blood test or the license will be scrapped and we have to start the whole process again.

The bull must be transported to the bull stud in a clean vehicle. Scawfell Genetics has the right to turn away a vehicle that is unclean and is deemed a threat to our centre’s biosecurity.

Isolation Process for Bull Semen Collection

Once the bull arrives at Scawfell Genetics they will go into an isolation pen. They will remain in this pen while they have their second series of testing. This usually takes around a month however it can take slightly longer depending on the bull. Once the bull passes these tests they will receive a license from APHA can move onto the main stud ready for bull semen collection. This license lasts for the duration of the bulls time on the bull stud.

Once on the main stud bull semen collection can begin. Your bull will be jumped using natural service with teasers for bull semen collection to get the highest quality semen sample with the highest fertility. We will regularly update you on how your bull is performing. once your bull has reached the required semen collection target stated in the contract you will be informed and asked how you wish to proceed.

Once the bull semen has been processed and split into straws, it will be frozen and placed into quarantine for a 28 day period. Once this quarantine period is complete the semen is available to use.

Once the bull leaves the stud he will have to have a post semen collection blood test approximately 1 month after his final semen collection. We advise that bull be kept isolated until he has had these tests.

Export Bull Semen Collection

There are a couple of key points that you need to know if you are thinking about putting a bull onto export stud.

Your bull cannot have been on a holding when there has been a restriction during its time there.

Your bull must be clear of IBR and have no marker vaccine. Any positive results including vaccinates will mean your bull is ineligible for an EU Licensed bull stud. We advise that you have your bull tested for IBR before he starts his application to come to stud.

For certain export destinations your bull must also be clear of Schmallenberg.

All bulls to come onto stud must be halter trained and have a nose ring for safety reasons. We also find that bulls that are used to being handled tend to have better results for bull semen collection.

We will need your bull to have been DNA tested. This can be done while the bull is on stud if necessary.

We will require a copy of the bulls official pedigree for a NMR code.

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Scawfell Genetics is proud to announce the opening of its new semen store facility on our bull stud in Cumbria. This is a huge opportunity in the development of the scope of our capabilities within the genetics industry.

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