AI Gun Kombicolor


AI Gun Kombicolor

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The universal Kombicolor AI Gun is a favourite amongst seasoned breeding technicians. It is made with a high chrome content 304 steel, making it rust proof, an ideal factor for farm use. The AI gun is capable of going 4cm deeper when required and it can’t compress the straw like a spiral or o’ring gun can. It has easy slip-on fitting ensuring accuracy and preventing the sheath from coming off during the AI procedure. A large coloured ring in a choice of 5 colours provides an extra layer of precision and comfort in the finger placement.

● Only 2 parts
● Sheath can Easily be secured
● Bigger ring fits better onto the handle
● One AI gun usable for min and medium straws
● 5 colours available for ease of identification

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Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White


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