It’s been a busy year at Scawfell Genetics
It has been a busy year for Scawfell Genetics Ltd with extensive development of facilities, services and exponential growth in capabilities and client base.

After extensive research into the genetics market, the needs of cattle breeders and gaps in the existing market, Scawfell Genetics Ltd expanded and developed as we believe in choice, good value and transparency to give a service that we wanted as breeders ourselves.

Some of the issues that were raised by breeders were:
  • Delivery times
  • Cost of deliveries
  • Quality of straws produced
  • Paying for discards
  • Unclear semen stock levels
  • Insufficient insurance cover for semen deliveries

Scawfell Genetics Ltd wanted to develop solutions to all the current issues so after extensive research into viable solutions we developed our services to resolve the preceding problems.  



For years semen straws have been distributed to farmers in wet liquid nitrogen shipper tanks, causing slow deliveries and a lessening amount of couriers wanting to handle hazardous goods and charging a premium for the delivery.

Scawfell Genetics Ltd found and got the exclusivity for small dry shipper tanks able to deliver up to 200 straws. The difference with these tanks is that they are charged with liquid nitrogen which is absorbed into the lining of the shipper tank lowering the temperature and safeguarding the straws inside of the dry shipper for up to 5 days and classing the package as a none hazardous product.

This allows us to use any courier we wish as it is a standard parcel, therefore, allowing us to provide you as the client a faster, better, cheaper service.

On arrival the person receiving the tank just has to move the straws from the delivery tank into their on-farm flask, tape the cardboard box lid shut and leave it in the same place for the courier to collect again. What could be more simple ?!!

Highest quality straws & no discards

SEMEN PROCESSING LABWith the emphasis on quality and state of the art equipment, we as Scawfell Genetics Ltd invested heavily and were the first to purchase the first fully automated filling, sealing and printing machine in the UK.

This investment allowed us to have the lab run by one individual, stripping out the cost in overheads and being able to not only provide the customer with very high quality, consistently produced semen straws but at low processing charges.

Finally, through advancement in the technology and our quality experienced technician, we are able to produce semen of high quality, giving the vendor and the purchaser of the semen confidence and value for money.


On a separate note, due to the above points, we took the decision to NOT charge for discards. This has proved very popular because let’s face it who would want to be charged for something they cant use! What we process into straws of semen is exactly what you pay for at a flat-rate fee, no hidden charges.

Fully licensed domestic & export semen storage

Semen StorageScawfell Genetics transformed existing outbuildings into what is now a fully licensed semen storage facilities for domestic and export qualified semen.

Another big investment was made installing two liquid nitrogen generators, one connected directly to the semen straw freezer unit and one next to the main storage facility building.

This allows us to have complete control over tank levels and not rely on liquid nitrogen deliveries from a third party with fluctuating prices, this control enables us to offer extremely low storage rates for clients wishing to store semen with ourselves.


Insurance on semen deliveries

We offer an opt-in or opt-out semen delivery insurance which if taken covers the entire contents in the very unlikely event of the tank getting damaged in transit once it has left the store at Scawfell Genetics Ltd.

Gold – £10.00 – semen straws are covered up to a maximum of £10,000

Silver – £5.00 – semen straws are covered up to a maximum of £2,500

Bronze – £2.50 – semen straws are covered up to a maximum of £1,000

However, if you decide to not take this cover we want to make clients aware that in the very unlikely event that the tank and semen contents get damaged in transit then Scawfell Genetics Ltd cannot be held liable.

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